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Women's and Gender Studies Program

Women's and Gender Studies Program

Women's and Gender Studies Program

Women's and Gender Studies Program


  • Graduate Director
    COED 441

    Areas of specialization: feminist theory; French feminist philosophy; language and gender; sexuality studies; 20th -21st century French women writers.

Adjunct Faculty and Joint Appointment

  • Sociology
    Fretwell 476C

    Areas of specialization: African women; gender; families; activism; HIV

  • Religious Studies
    Macy 202A

    Areas of specialization: Religion & sexuality; queer theory; representations of gendered bodies; masculinity studies

  • Anthropology
    Barnard 250

    Areas of specialization: Medical Anthropology, Hispanic Immigrants; Violence and Women

  • English
    Fretwell 285B

    Areas of specialization: American Indian literature and film; transnational feminisms; postcolonial literary theory; life narrative

  • Criminal Justice and Criminology
    Colvard 5073

    Areas of specialization:  Gendered Violence, hegemonic masculinity, evaluation research, best practices for CBT

  • History
    Garinger 210

    Areas of specialization: late 19th and 20th century African American and American history; urban, gender, and civil rights history

  • Philosophy
    Winningham 102B

    Areas of specialization: feminist and critical race theories, sound and popular music studies, digital media, sound art.

  • Psychology
    Colvard 4007

    Areas of specialization: health psychology and neuropsychology; psychosocial factors in chronic illness; neurocognitive performance and functioning

  • Social Work
    CHHS 481C

    Areas of specialization: interpersonal violence, adolescent pregnancy, domestic violence

  • Anthropology
    Barnard 225

    Areas of specialization: archaeology; gender in prehistory

  • English
    Fretwell 265M

    Areas of specialization: 19th Century African American Literature; African american Women Writers; Black Feminist Theory

  • Languages and Culture Studies
    COED 457

    Areas of specialization: Early Modern Hispanic Literature and Culture, Theater and Performance Studies, Gardens and Landscape Architecture, Gender and Women’s Studies

  • Criminal Justice & Criminology
    Colvard 5068

    Areas of specialization: domestic violence; juvenile justice

  • History
    Garinger 127
  • English
    Fretwell 245C

    Areas of specialization: early modern English literature; women writers; literature and the environment; literature and science; gender and film

  • Honors College
    Fretwell 276F

    Areas of specialization: African American literature; American literature and poetry and Black women writers

  • History
    Garinger 214

    Areas of specialization: modern Germany; medicine and war; gender, technology, and the body; disability history; World War I

  • History
    Garinger 125

    Areas of specialization: Women and gender; sexuality; early modern Europe; cultural history; the Netherlands

  • Joint Appointment - History and Women's & Gender Studies
    Garinger 126

    Areas of specialization: African American gender history; history of education; oral history; southern history; multi-cultural women’s studies.

  • The Counseling Center
    Atkins 158

    Areas of specialization: LGBTQ concerns and Identity development; Psychology of Women; Childhood Trauma-effects and treatment

  • Anthropology, Director, Gerontology Program
    Barnard 222

    Areas of specialization: women and aging; gerontology; ethical issues

  • Political Science and Public Administration
    Fretwell 435K

    Areas of specialization:  judicial behavior, constitutional law, gender and law.

  • Philosophy
    Winningham 105A

    Areas of specialization: aging & long-term care; reproductive & genetic technology; feminist thought; feminist bioethics; global bioethics

  • English
    Fretwell 280F

    Areas of specialization: technical & professional communication; Science, technology, and society studies; rhetoric/composition; popular culture studies; women's and gender studies; new media studies

  • Psychology
    Colvard 4020

    Areas of specialization: cognition; human decision-making; hypothesis testing strategies; juror decisions; eyewitness/earwitness memory; false memories

  • Sociology
    Fretwell 476F

    Areas of specialization: group dynamics; social psychology; sociology of gender

  • Public Health Sciences
    CHHS 427B

    Areas of specialization: older women's health; gender disparities in health; health disparities; chronic illness self-care

  • Anthropology
    Banard 220

    Areas of specialization: medical anthropology; Brazil; medicinal plants; childbirth

Part-time Faculty